US Bank: They’re Doing The Hokey Pokey And Stripping All Our Wealth!

ICAN member Krista Ziebarth wearing the message!

ICAN member Krista Ziebarth wearing the message!

There are questions we ask of ourselves after every direct action we stage against powerful institutions. Institutions that seem to operate with impunity and hurt working families, often keeping families locked in debilitating cycles of poverty. Yesterday’s actions against US Bank raised the same questions: did we make a difference? Are they going to listen?

Community voices from Minnesota, Oregon and Idaho spoke to the press about the ongoing predatory and unfair practices of US Bank. And with proxies in hand others in our coalition addressed US Bank’s annual shareholders meeting. The meeting last year was in Minnesota, but after other community voices holding proxies to the meeting held the bank’s CEO Richard Davis to task for over an hour, the bank changed the location. Perhaps they thought they could meet in peace, but that was not the case. Our actions yesterday began early in the morning. Continue reading

Past Due: Idaho Payday Lending Report 2013

Idaho-Payday-CoverWhen the electric bill becomes too heavy of a burden; when gas prices render a trip to work unaffordable; or when insurance fails to cover the expenses of a health care crisis, for many, few options exist. Some will ask friends and family for help. Others may apply for a small loan at a local bank. However, for many Idaho residents located in low-income areas or communities of color, these are not viable options. Instead, MoneyTree, Quik Cash, EZMONEY, and other payday loan centers line the sidewalks with open doors waiting for the opportunity to profit from the financial hardship of consumers in need.