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We are on the Air!!

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In March 2010, KBWE Radio Voz Latina was granted a “construction permit” from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The authorization requires that we go “on air” by March 25, 2013 or we will lose our permit. This community radio station will operate under the 501c3 charitable status of the Idaho Community Action Network, a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to social, economic and racial justice.

Project Summary

We are in a time of immense growth. Much of that growth is rich in cultural diversity and is in desperate need of information about the communities they live in. We will broadcast musical, cultural, and issues-oriented programming to the coverage area from Eden to Burley and past Minidoka. Programming will reach at least 50,000 people and seek to be complementary service to the local community. The main difference between KBWE Radio Voz Latina and commercial radio stations is that our radio station will be driven by the community whereas commercial radio stations are designed to be driven by profits.

KBWE Radio Voz Latina will cultivate a stronger sense of “Place” in the area by accomplishing four main goals:

  • Giving voice to unrepresented or underrepresented members of our communities.
  • Educating people on issues that directly impact their lives.
  • Creating the only bilingual community radio station in the state of Idaho.
  • Fostering cultural understanding and value diversity in our communities.


KBWE Radio Voz Latina will be transmitted out of Burley and will seek to represent and inform the area with bilingual programming. This radio station shall strive to empower and bring our communities together through education and diversity. Emphasis shall be placed on local issues concerning social justice, community service, cultural diversity, farm workers and youth.

For more information about Radio Voz Latina. Call 208-678-2280.

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