Let’s End Predatory Lending

GRAPHIC (1) Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a new proposed rule aimed at ending the debt trap created by predatory payday and title lending products. The proposed rule would look at a person’s ability to repay along with limiting fees and actions that can be taken by the lender.

With this proposed rule is a 100-day comment period and our opportunity to tell the CFPB why a strong rule is important for hard-working low-income families. Clearly, we need fair lending and now is the time to tell the CFPB to close the loopholes.

According to the Center for Responsible Lending,

“This proposal must be significantly strengthened when finalized in order to stop the debt trap, but the CFPB takes the right approach based on ability to repay and, if it closes the loopholes, the rule could help millions of Americans.”

Please join us and submit your comment to the CFPB here.

Prayer and Fast for Life


The Idaho Legislature has one week left to find a way to come together and cover Idaho’s uninsured. Almost every day one person dies in Idaho because they had no access to healthcare.

Please join ICAN members from across Idaho this week in a meaningful Prayer and Fast for Life.

Sign up on our Facebook Event page and starting on Palm Sunday at sundown (March 20) and ending at sundown on Good Friday, join as we begin a week of prayer and fasting for health care. You can share a candle as your profile picture to show your participation. Keep the candles “lit” while fasting and praying.

Please pray that our elected representatives make the right choice this week and support life by covering our loved one’s across the state who can’t afford to wait to see a doctor.

Also, please pray for those who can’t wait for health care. Pray they find strength to hold on a little longer.

While participating please contact Idaho legislators and tell them to give life and close the coverage gap.

6 Years and Still Waiting for Health Care

Health Care for All: Not Really

ICAN members reflect on Anniversary of ACA

Tomorrow marks the 6th anniversary of the ACA, the American promise of health care for all. Yet, six years later 78,000 Idahoans struggle without health coverage. About 300 die each year because they have no access. Six people die each week in Idaho because they can’t afford to see a doctor. Over 5 years, that adds up to about 1,500 needless deaths. This is not a third world country. This is Idaho: our home.

ICAN members across the state are devastated by the Idaho Legislature’s failure to cover the uninsured – we’ve lost family members and loved ones, and more lives are at risk. On the day that should be remembered as the day we won health care for all, we only remember those who were left out, those who became trapped in the coverage gap. Continue reading