Idaho Community Action Network and Coalition of Immigrant Rights of Idaho Are Confident US Fifth Court of Appeals Will Reject Politically-Motivated Lawsuit by Anti-Immigrant Politicians

Undeterred by the political attacks, Idaho immigrants continue to prepare for new immigration programs and will fight on for a path to citizenship

Boise – Today, a G.W. Bush-appointed district court judge in Brownsville, Texas, issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the implementation process of the new immigrant deferred action programs. The ruling possibly pushes back the start date for millions of immigrants workers to come forward, register, and apply for work permits, which is planned to begin as soon as February 18, 2015.

“Immigrants in Idaho are moving forward regardless of today’s ruling, and will continue getting ready for the deferred action programs that will give 28,000 of Idaho immigrants the chance to live, work, and stay in America with their families.” said Cristina Medrano, a Master’s student at Boise State University.

“We’ve always said that this lawsuit is just a political stunt by out of touch anti-immigrant Attorneys General and governors, including our very own Governor Butch Otter, and is meant to scare away eligible immigrants from applying for DACA/DAPA,” said Ruby Mendez, Senior Policy fellow of Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN), “They seem to have forgotten that we fought hard for this victory, and we’re not going to let anyone take it away from us. We’re still fighting for a permanent solution that includes a path to citizenship for all 11 million.”

“This is just the first round in a long, drawn out legal process. Hundreds of legal scholars agree that the President’s executive action on immigration are constitutional and within his authority. We are confident that the court system will eventually reject this merit less lawsuit that only wastes taxpayer dollars, disenfranchises immigrant workers and families, and robs much needed revenue from state economies.” said Krista Bustamante, Organizing Director of the Idaho Community Action Network.

There are at least 50,000 undocumented immigrants living in Idaho, and approximately 62% would be eligible for one of the deferred action programs. Enabling these immigrants to register with the government, request a reprieve from removal, and apply for a temporary work permit which would increase Idaho tax revenues and lead to a cascade of economic benefits across the state.

The Idaho Community Action Network urges the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to take up this case immediately because millions of real people like Vicente Valentin that want to come forward to live and work in the only country they call home.

Vicente is a parent that migrated to the United states looking for a better life for his family and also has been a long time member of the Idaho Community Action Network. He along with his wife will getting ready to apply for, and receive protection under the new DAPA program.

In the meantime ICAN will be hosting a community meeting for an information session with immigrant families to clarify misunderstandings and myths of what this lawsuit means in the state of Idaho and a call to Action to our Governor.

When: Feb. 19th 2015

Where: Hispanic Cultural Center, 315 Stampede Dr. Nampa, ID

Time: 6:30 pm

What: Information Session and Action Prep

The Idaho Community Action Network is a state-wide membership based non-profit that works for social, racial, and economic justice. The fundamental mission of ICAN is to provide a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change and to develop the power necessary to create those changes. We have been working on immigration reform for ten years.

Idaho group participates at Youth in Action in D.C.

Four members of the Idaho community Action Network, Vicente Valentin from Nyssa, Ruby Mendez from Boise, and Alicia Reynaga and Shantel Huerta from Burley had the opportunity to travel to D.C. to join the Youth in Action event, a number of actions led by families and children on the House of Representatives who have stalled comprehensive immigration reform.

Throughout the week, children and parents shared their heartbreaking stories of how the broken immigration system has had a toll on their families. They chanted and sang in the hallways of the House building, and held pictures of loved ones and signs that read “Immigration Reform Now!” Continue reading

March for Immigration Reform: Sunday October 6th – 2pm at Ann Morrison

Join thousands across the country to tell Congress: Give Us a Vote on Immigration Reform!

America demands immigration reform with legalization with citizenship that protects the unity of families and rights of workers and stops the militarization of the border. Take a stand and march with your community!

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