ICAN Members in Lewiston demand changes to Wells Fargo

More than a dozen ICAN members delivered a letter to Wells Fargo on Friday Feb 3 and protested against the banks investment in local payday lenders. Led by local leader Sonny Montgomery, the letter drop was part of a national campaign with the New Bottom Line to demand a meeting with Wells Fargo Executives and to demand changes in their banking practices including; prinicipal reduction for underwater homeowners, divestment from payday lending institutions, removing corporate money from elections and paying their fair share of taxes. Our action drew media attention and leaders were excited to see themselves on the front page of the Lewiston Morning Tribune on Saturday morning. When interviewed by the local tv station KLEWTV, leader Ruben Thornock described how unfair it is that the only option for struggling families needing a short term loan are these payday loan places that charge more than 400% interest. “We just want something that is fair!” stated Thornock. Lewiston leaders are raising the issue with City Council and the more than 14 local payday lenders. Watch for more exciting news soon!

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