Issue Education on Immigration

On Saturday, January 14 at 5pm, an immigration presentation took place at the ICAN office. Fernando Mejia, AJS and ICAN organizer talked to a group of 50 people about the recent immigration announcement made by the Obama administration. Two immigration lawyers, Chris Christensen and Patrick Taurel from Andrade Legal also participated at the event and answered several questions from the audience.

Under current law, undocumented immigrants have to leave the United States and apply for a waiver to lessen the 3-year to 10-year bar they face before they can re-enter the country. Often, the process to obtain a waiver can take months or even years, meaning families have to endure severe prolonged separations. The rule change would allow spouses and children of U.S. citizens to file their waivers in the United States. The action does not require congressional approval.

“Keeping families together is one of our greatest values in this country, and the Obama administration is moving in a positive direction to ease the difficulties that our families face on a daily basis,” said Alicia Clements, board member of the Idaho Community Action Network. “Families should not be torn apart because of our broken immigration system. This proposal gets rid of unnecessary red tape, and instead it focuses on family unity.”

For more information about immigration trainings and recent updates on federal and state immigration issues, please contact Yuliana Nogales at or 208-385-9146

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