Avista Files Rate Case!

The Public Utilities Commission has begun its lengthy review of a complex rate case filed by Idaho Power, which is seeking an increase in customer rates of an average of 10 percent. Rocky Mountain Power has also filed a rate case seeking an increase of 7.2 percent. And now the PUC is processing a rate case filed by Avista Utilities, which serves parts of northern Idaho.

The public will soon have opportunities to provide their comments in the case through public workshops, hearings, and also by providing written comments directly to the PUC. To review Idaho Power’s filings and related documents, go to www.puc.idaho.gov and then “File Room” and “Electric Cases” and scroll to IPC-E-11-08. In the rate case by Spokane-based Avista, the company is seeking an average 3.7 percent increase for its electric customers and 2.7 percent for its gas customers. According to the PUC, a typical electric customer would see a bill increase from $83.81 a month to $86.87. The average gas bill would rise from $60.76 to $62.91. That’s on top of additional electric and gas rate hikes that will take place this October as the second part of a three-part overall rate hike in Avista’s 2010 rate case. That case saw much larger rate hikes that were spread over three years to reduce their impacts.

To review Avista’s rate case filing and related documents, go to www.puc.idaho.gov and then click on “File Room” and then “Electric Cases” and scroll to AVU-E-11-01 for the electric case and AVU-G-11-01 for the gas case.


Respectfully tell the PUC to require a hearing so the public can explain why Avista’s energy efficiency programs are not far enough reaching into low income populations to warrant a rate increase at this time. Tell Avista to stop submitting rate hikes during an economic downturn!

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