Medicaid Cuts—Let’s take action!

Last year the Idaho legislature made significant cuts to Medicaid and now families are feeling the effects.

Join ICAN as we demand change and accountability from lawmakers. Call ICAN to share your story: 208-385-9146×109. Ask for Kirsten or Leo.

In addition, we encourage our members to take action on this issue by writing a letter to the editor. Letters to the editor must be under 250 words and must include your name, address and telephone number. Only your name will be published along with your letter, but they need your contact information to confirm you wrote the letter. One way to structure you letter is to include the problem, solution and action in your piece. Below is a sample letter that has these characteristics:

Dear Editor,

This past year when the Idaho legislature made cuts to Medicaid, it really affected me and my family. It recently hit home when I was told that Medicaid would no longer pay for dental care. I am disabled and low- income. I am on a fixed disability income which leaves no room for savings. I am afraid that my children may be next to be cut from essential services.

Medicaid is a significant part of my family’s life; it’s our only affordable access to health care. The Idaho Legislature and the Department of Health and Welfare must preserve this essential program. Thousands of Idahoans depend on this program. What will I do when I have to take my children to the emergency room?

During the summer I urge our legislators and the Department of Health and Welfare to look into alternative ways to deal with this issue. Cutting essential services from our most vulnerable is not the right answer.


John Doe

1125 Wild Goose Ln

Anytown, ID 12345

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