Up From Debt!

Join us on March 14 for a national convening on how the economy is set up to trap us in debt and how you can fight back!

Up From Debt will connect people’s experiences and fights, address impacts on people of color and women, and start to frame debt as a deep and broad problem that needs both universal and targeted solutions.

The goals are to:

  • Talk about the impact of debt on people’s lives, analyze how structures and institutions push people into the debt trap.
  • Create a venue where people can build collective power through our combined debt; uniting our inspiration and motivation to fight back together.
  • Support at the grassroots level those fighting against the various forms of debt, including medical, foreclosure, legal financial obligations, student loans, payday lending, predatory small business lending, and credit cards.
  • Identify big policy ideas for freeing people of debt, minimizing future debt, and ending the devastating impact.

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