It’s a Healthy Heart Attack!

To keep America’s children healthy, a program known as CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) was enacted in 1997. This federal program provided states with a large “block grant” to fund a state managed health care program designed to cover children of the working poor. Federal funding currently covers 70% of money needed to run the program and the states cover the other 30%.

The federal funding for this program is set to end in September 2015 and without a reauthorization of the funds by Congress:

  • States will be left scrambling to cover all of the costs until the program expires in 2019.
  • Millions of children could lose the comprehensive health care necessary to grow and learn and become the next generation of healthy and productive citizens.
  • Lives will be lost! Without access to care, our children could die.
  • Good paying healthcare jobs will disappear.

We need to send a loud and clear message to Congress, to keep our children healthy with continued funding for CHIP!

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