• Advocated for Idaho grocery tax relief. The Idaho Legislature increased the grocery tax credit from $20 to high as $100. (3/08)
  • Successfully defeated legislation that would have allowed the insurance industry the ability to print policy in English only, but advertise in other languages. This had the potential for creating problems. For example, companies could advertise one thing in Spanish and enforce a contrary provision in the English contract language. 2008
  • Worked with a coalition to successfully pass a state resolution against implementing the federal Real ID Law. Idaho has one of the strongest policies in the country. 2008
  • ICAN successfully inserted critical language in the state’s minimum wage law to guarantee that farmworkers are included in any minimum wage increase. 3/07
  • Blocked Idaho legislation barring undocumented immigrants from receiving county medical aid (2005)
  • Winning implementation of food stamps changes including coverage for many immigrants and a new simplified reporting system that cuts down paperwork and provides more stable benefits (11/03).
  • Stopping a temporary utility rate increase sought by Idaho Power, Idaho’s largest power company (11/03).
  • Restoring basic adult dental coverage to Idaho’s Medicaid program (7/03).
  • Winning an increase in federal support for state Medicaid programs, including $34 million for health care for low-income people in Idaho (5/03).
  • As part of the National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, winning food stamp coverage for legal immigrants in the 2002 Farm Bill at the national level (5/02).
  • Building a strong farmworker membership that led the coalition to pass Farmworker Minimum Wage legislation (3/01) and Farm Labor Contractor Bonding (ensuring that farmworkers receive the pay they have earned) (2/02).
  • Working with Idaho’s largest hospital, St. Luke’s, to provide charity care to Boise’s needy (6/00) and using that agreement as a stepping stone to agreements with two other hospitals (2001).

Food Programs

  • Distributing over one million pounds of food from the Idaho Foodbank Warehouse.
  • Gleaning more than half a million pounds of food from farmers, corporate donors, grocery chains and others (much of this food would otherwise have gone to waste).
  • Distributing a total of 1,607,318 pounds of food to needy member families across Idaho.


  • Launched Welcoming Idaho Initiative campaign to promote a welcoming Idaho for immigrants. The initiative is part of the Welcoming America campaigns across the nation. 11/2007
  • Organized 2,000 community members to denounce immigration raids and call for humane comprehensive immigration reform. 5/2007
  • Rally for in-state tuition for immigrant students (2008)
  • Large rally in support of increasing minimum wage (2007)
  • Organized one of the largest marches in the history of Idaho in support of comprehensive immigration reform that drew 15,000 people (2006)
  • Held rally on Martin Luther King Day where 500 people joined to support pesticide reforms to protect farm workers (2006)
  • Organized workers who were exposed to pesticides to demand that the Department of Labor and Department of Agriculture hold those responsible accountable – resulting in an unprecedented $40,000 in fines (2005)
  • Organized over 100 Idaho small businesses in a campaign to counter an Idaho County Commissioner’s anti-immigrant rhetoric – partners kicked off the “lady liberty” poster campaign with a press event, proclaiming that “Immigration is an American Experience and Acceptance is an American Value” (2005)
  • Playing the key role in organizing the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride stops in Idaho, mobilizing a crowd of 450 in Caldwell and 100 in Rupert to come out in support of the Freedom Riders and immigrant rights (9/03).

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