Critical Need: Expanding Medicaid in Idaho, Part 1

Screenshot_2015-01-15-09-21-32-1Genevieve Sylvia, 20, Orofino. When I turned 19, I lost my Medicaid coverage. I was also diagnosed with a serious kidney condition. I want a better life. I studied hard to become a phlebotomist. I want a good job that pays a living wage, but there are few health care jobs available in northern Idaho. So I work as a home caregiver, making minimum wage and going without health insurance. I don’t make enough money to qualify for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. New reports show that expanded Medicaid would actually bring 16,000 more jobs — good paying jobs in the health field — to Idaho. It would put people to work. It would improve the state’s economy. A good job and access to health care is a win-win for everyone, but it could also save my life.

Ms. Silvia is one of 78,000 Idahoans that could be helped by the Medicaid Redesign plan that is recommended by the Governor-appointed Medicaid expansion workgroup. Please call or write your legislators today and tell them to expand Medicaid in 2015!!

Idaho Predatory Lending Survey

On July 1,2014 a new law became effective that allows payday loan borrowers an opportunity to pay off their loan without interest. Many people haven’t heard of the new law, and others are finding that they may not qualify for an interest-free pay off.

Please take a moment to take this survey so that we can let the lawmakers know whether this new law is working to help families stuck in the debt trap created by payday and title loans.